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Recruiting 101 

This information is designed to assist our players in navigating the recruitment process. As each journey is unique, we welcome feedback from players, coaches, or parents on successful tactics used during the process.

Email Communications

A common tactic for players is to send email communications to college coaches, with the intent of getting on the colleges radar.  

When to start: 

Where to find college coaches emails:   

When to send emails: 


  • Repetitiveness is the key.  It's ok if the coach doesn't respond - that doesn't mean they didn't read your email and take note of your name/who you play for/etc.  


Ideas on events to send to college coaches: 

  • Tournament schedule, Game Schedule, Recognition, Camp visits, 

Things to remember:  

  • During the college softball season, coaches will not be coming to see your games.  Instead, include a link to your teams You Tube channel or other on-line source so that the coaches can watch on-demand 

  • Always personalize your communication for the receiving school.  

  • YOU write the communication - colleges want to see how you communicate, not the parents 

The following email templates were provided by Extra Innings Softball

Provide coaches with exciting updates on their high school season!

Introduce yourself to prospective college coaches

Provide tournament/ game schedule

Social Media

Social Media

Attitude and Effort

Everyone preaches how important attitude is on and off the fields.  Colleges are obviously looking for talented players, but with over 300k players, there has to be a differentiating factor and attitude is one of the most visible aspects of a player.   ​And it's not just about the player, College Coaches are also paying attention to the fans AND the coaches.  


The Georgia Impact organization has a reputation for having some of the highest recruitment rates in the country, thanks to our focus on player development. We have sponsored some of the best teams in the country and are committed to continuing this tradition by reinvesting in our program. In Fall 2024, we will introduce new features, including enhanced player development and coaching resources for 10u-12u, and recruiting services for all teams and players through NCSA for 14u-18u.

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