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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Impact host an Organizational tryout?

No.  Based on the varied needs within each team, we find it more effective to allow each coach organize their own tryouts/workouts.  Teams will post open workouts/tryouts on their respective social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)  pages.  A list of our Impact teams across all states, is available here, along with links to social media sites.  

How can I purchase Impact Spirit Wear? 

Our spirit wear store opens every 6-8 weeks.  Items in the store include Impact shirts, tank-tops, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, jackets, visors, hats and more.  Products are shipped directly to you once the store closes.  The stores are scheduled to be open on the following dates:  9/18, 10/30, 12/11, 1/22.  They will be open for ~ 7-10 calendar days, on those dates.  

Georgia -


Connecticut -


Alabama -


Florida -


Carolina -

Can I bring my existing team to the Impact Organization? 

The Impact Organization is committed to maintaining our presence in the softball community by being represented in 'A' or 'B' level tournaments sponsored by PGF, USSSA, Triple Crown, Alliance and others.  In most cases, we will maintain a maximum number of teams per age group, to maximize the talent available to our teams.   Send us more information about your team by submitting a Team Interest form, so we can evaluate if the Impact Organization is the right fit for your team. 

Is the Impact Organization non-profit? 

Many individual teams have applied and received non-profit status, however, the Impact organization is an LLC,  which is not eligible for non-profit status.  

What is a Premier team?

Premier status is generally awarded to a team based on participation in National events (e.g., IDT, Sparkler, PGF Nationals, etc.), tenure of the coach with the club and the level of competition the team plays.  

Where are Impact Teams located?

The Georgia Impact is represented across 5 states:  Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Connecticut and Carolina's.  Check out our team pages, organized by state to see the areas our teams are located in.  

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