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Georgia Impact Premier Teams

The Georgia Impact Premier teams are chosen by a panel of board members to serve as the organization's "Flagship Team" in their respective age groups.

The Premier status is currently given to teams in the 12u, 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions, who will represent the organization in elite events nationwide. Additionally, Georgia Impact Premier teams will have priority access to organizational berths, allowing them to participate in exclusive events.

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What are the expectations of a Premier Team?

To be a Georgia Impact Premier team, you must first understand the expectations that comes with this as this this can be a big time and financial commitment for players and families:

  • Compete in a minimum of 2 National Events each year

    • PGF Nationals and either Colorado Sparkler or IDT in Colorado are required ​

  • Schedules reviewed and approved by the Georgia Impact Board

  • Full roster and player details provided to Georgia Impact Board in advance of the season

  • Continually show a strong ability to compete at the national level

  • Promote a positive image for the Georgia Impact 

  • Attend Organizational Spring Training, Christmas Party and other organizational events

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How does my team get evaluated for Premier Status?

In order to establish your team as a premier team, it is essential to fulfill certain expectations. Participating in appropriate tournaments and upholding your brand's reputation are crucial factors that contribute to this achievement. 

If you're a coach looking to take your team to the next level, express your interest to a board member and be ready for a thorough evaluation.

We'll assess your team status based on various factors, such as the size of your coaching staff, social media management, recruiting efforts, non-parent coaches, your record as a coach, team tournament schedule and player rankings.  

Meet our Premier Teams 

Sampson Team Photo.png


Coach Brett Sampson

Class of 2024 & 2025

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Coach Kip Taylor

Class of 2026 - 2027

  • Facebook
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  • Instagram
Taylor 08 March Madness Champs.png
O'Neal PGF State Champs 16u.jpg


Coach Chad O'Neal

Class of 2027-2028

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  • Instagram

Coach [Your Name]


Class of 2028 - 2029

Looking for the right team to fill our upcoming 2nd year 14u Premier team - Class of 2028-2029

large question mark in front of a red curtain.jpg
18u Sampson
16u Premier - Taylor
14u Premier - O'Neal
Cleghorn Oct 2023 PGF Champs.jpg


Coach Jason Cleghorn

 Closs of 2030-2031

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